Open source theatre Pas de deux

by MS – GDP – LN – NF – YG

open-source theater

The evening will consist of the presentation of many very short numbers. The members of the audience will be invited to choose which ones they would like to take away with them in order to use them for a creation of their own, of whatsoever kind, or to keep as a memento should situations, objects, references, phrases or words remind them of something in their own life.

pas de deux – step of two

The event is intended to have the lightness of a dance and the two protagonists will move from one step to the next, from one figure to the next, from one situation to the next in ever new and shifting figures.


Two kind and thoughtful creatures will make sure that everything goes off well.

Marina Spreafico – source

Lorena Nocera – her

Giovanni Di Piano – him

the audience – travelers

Nana Funabiki and Yeşeren Güven – space-hostesses

Lella Diaz – costumes

Walter Prati – sound design

Christian Laface – lighting

Martino Minzoni – stagehand

Valentina Colorni – general organization