Fantasia Tardieu

by Jean Tardieu

The show is made up of short plays and two pieces from Tardieu’s vast literary output and can be described, to use the author’s own words, as “an atticin which many moments of life are heaped in apparent disorder; a great muddle, viewed throughthe keyhole or by peering through the slightly open door; but where it suffices to enter without fear to find faces, situations, sounds, images…”


Introduction, Il nome di Tardieu (Tardieu’s Name), Finite le vostrefrasi (Finissez vos phrases!), Una sonata per tre (A Sonata for Three), Intermezzo, Oswaldo e Zenaide (Oswald et Zénaïde), L’homme quin’y comprend rien, Conversazione sinfonietta (Conversationsinfonietta)