Portable Stage Sets

Scenografie portatili is the final, public, phase of the workshop of the same name that was held at the Arsenale.

From the book Scenografie portatili (pub. LetteraVentidue):

presenting the project, part two: the final performances 

Last phase, the public presentation of the structures in motion. With the support of three actors, the students took on the public, showing, in the context of a performance, their forms in motion.

Two performances were staged: the first at the Arsenale, the physical location of the seminar. The second at the Spazio Patio of Milan Polytechnic’s Department of Architecture and Society. Here the performance changed its form to suit the location and was turned into a moving exhibition.

what did our performances “have to tell?”

In our performances we discovered dynamic forms and we set them in motion, but we knew nothing about their use. So we invited the members of the audience to imagine themselves as authors.

performances directed by Marina Spreafico