Women with a highly topical problem

by Liliana Paganini

Donne con un problema molto attualecombinestwoplayswritten by the actor, author and director Liliana Paganini, Il problema (“The Problem”) and Una signora complessa (“A Complicated Woman”).

Ilproblema is the story of a mother who, after investing all her cultural and social ambitions in her daughter, rushes one night to the home of a female friend to ask for her help in solving the problem of Davide: a penniless and jobless dandy whom her daughter Serenella has taken a fancy to…

Una signora complessa shows us a woman in her fifties who opens the Pandora’s box of her respectable middle-class life, revealing the rot that lurks beneath the image of an irreprehensible marriage and a happy family.

Since the production is, in practice, comparable to a portrait, the scenery will be inspired by portrait galleries, with a detail highlighted. On the backdropis a reproduction of a watercolor by Liliana Paganini herself, abstract but highly allusive, framed in perspective. Two female portraits in which the realistic image, the woman, changes from the perspective of the background.