The Set of Sets

Performance conceived on the basis of the models on the same theme made in the course of Set Design in the Department of Architecture and Society of Milan Polytechnic, taught by PierluigiSalvadeo and Davide Fabio Colaci.

The starting point for the work is a commission given to the students of set design. This was to come up with a staging for the Teatro Arsenale potentially suited to any kind of production. Thus the stage designs entitled “Set of Sets” were conceived as architectural dramas or as unscripted performances.

The models of the design were then put on show at the Arsenale, in an exhibition at the end of which the actors/drama students put on a performance that, by translating the dynamic intentions of the designs into movement, held a dialogue with them in an unprecedented presentation of the models themselves.

So the models passed from a static model to a dynamic model and the result was a creative and innovative form of theater, remote from any illustrative or educational intentions.

Conception Pierluigi Salvadeo, Marina Spreafico