Pericles, Prince of Tyre

by William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare: an encounter with nature


Pericles, Prince of Tyre is one of William Shakespeare last works, a romance of adventure and at the same time a journey from adolescence to maturity on which there are continual encounters between “high” and “low” characters, wickedness and goodness, dangerous and ambiguous situations, poetic and surprising ones, prose and poetry, in a portrayal of humanity that is an expression of the more mature Shakespeare, pervaded with humor, i.e. with that pendulum swinging between laughter and tears that is also characteristic of our company.

The world of Shakespeare

Every author is a different world, every meeting with an author is an adventure in discovery of a new world: William Shakespeare proves to be “an encounter with nature.” And this encounter is presented in the form of theatrical raw materials. I know of no other author who leaves so much freedom, while providing such reliable material. It is not words that are read, desires or intentions that you hear about. There are atoms, molecules, waves, particles and whatever else is required to get to the essence of things, whatever they may be.

Shakespeare really is nature.