For Demetrio Stratos

4 Compositions for Demetrio Stratos

On the occasion of the Electronika 2009 festival, Fondazione MM&T (Music,  Musicians and Technologies) – in collaboration with In Sound Auditorium Edizioni and Arsenale-Lab, presents four compositions based on pieces for the solo voice of Demetrio Stratos.

After 30 years in which Stratos’s voice has been absent from the stage it is our pleasure to bring it back through the work of four contemporary musicians who share the same hunger for the new, the same sense of freedom, the same restlessness.


Claudio Chianura – “Una, nessuna, milleuna”

Matteo Pennese – “Decisamente drappi bianchi”

Massimiliano Viel – “Cluster”       

Walter Prati – “Archetipi e frammenti. Il volo del soffio,” with music and actors