The tiger

by Dario Fo

The performance is fully in keeping with the reflection, underway today in Burkina Faso, on the influence of the African tradition of storytelling. Behind the anthology of images and gestures lurks in fact a narrative skill and sense of rhythm derived from the experience of African conteurs. An exceptional Italian author and an original reworking in the style of the Burkinabe conteur, the word, mime, gesture, an intercontinental direction, a sensational cocktail for a seriously hilarious show. A wounded soldier and a grieving tiger meet in a cave, while torrential rain pours down outside: this absurd and poetic encounter is the beginning of an alliance that takes the two protagonists on fantastic adventures, articulated by the storytelling skills of the great playwright Dario Fo.

Luca Fusi, an Italian, lives in Burkina Faso where he works with the main exponents of Burkinabe theater and runs the CFRAV (Centre de Formation et de Rechercheen Arts Vivants) academy of drama, sponsored by UNESCO, in Ouagadougou.