The music lesson

by Guido Morini and Marina Spreafico

Concert-lesson in theatrical form, with harpsichord

The Music Lesson is an original lesson-cum-concert that introduces the audience to the world of ancient music. Today unfortunately there are few people who follow and understand it. Yet this world is closer to our own than is imagined. Moreover, it is only right to try to get the younger generations interested in and if possible passionate about art forms that, for reasons it is not our place to analyze, seem unjustly remote.


Music and theater in comparison between the 17th and 18th centuries. Study the past if you would divine the future” (Confucius).

What you see

Between drapery, velvet, harpsichord and music stands, between audience and stage, are set words, sounds, melodies, dialogues, questions, memories.

Who it is for

Anyone who loves music and theater and would like to find out more.

The curious who like to peer behind the scenes of certain aspects of the theater and music. Anyone who desires a real communication between stage, instruments, music and actors.

The nature of the performance

Personal experiences, ancient music and echoes of the Commedia dell’Arteare blended to speak to us of the eternal present of art.

Why watch it?

With an approach that is neither academic nor pedantic, The Music Lesson makes it possible to tackle complex questions in a way that is fun for all.