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The Arsenale is a whole world devoted to the theatrical art in its various forms.

Shows and plays, teaching, theater and architecture, theater and music, performances, independent productions and commissions, books and other forms alternate with one another in a continuous process of discovery and exploration of the art of the theater and its associated practices.

The Arsenale has as its basic reference the teaching of Jacques Lecoq, the great French acting instructor who singled out Italy and his experience in the country as one of the three foundations of his school and who followed and supportedthe venture of the Arsenale from the outset.

For some time the Arsenale has been collaborating with various publishing houses on projects that concern the theater and performance, and their links with other arts and disciplines.

In Arsenale Miscellanea we have inserted all those activities and variations that cannot be classified as performance but that are part of the theatrical world, as the Arsenale understands it.

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Teatro Arsenale Varia

The Teatro Arsenale is located in a building dating from 1272 situated in the center of Milan, at Carrobbio. The construction was originally a place of worship dedicated to Saints Simon and Jude.

In 1300 it was used to conduct a famous trial of the Inquisition, the one against Maifreda da Pirovano, a member of the Humiliati order of nuns belonging to the family of Matteo Visconti, the ruler of Milan. Over the course of time the church was annexed to the Collegio dei Calchi e dei Taeggi.

Deconsecrated in the Napoleonic era, in 1810 it embarked on a process of metamorphosis that has continued right down to the present day: theater, dancehall, storehouse, puppet theater, a place of worship again, the seat of various associations and finally, since 1978, home of the Teatro Arsenale. Steeped in history and the location of emblematic events in the spiritual and artistic life of Milan, it has a particular fascination that strikes anyone who enters the place.

Deeply steeped in history, the location...

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Spazio Teatro Arsenale